Dentle One Plus subscription


Now we are launching Dentle One Plus, the latest version of the bestseller Dentle One. Dentle One Plus is distinguished by a cutting-edge speed mode of up to 10 000 oscillations per minute and state-of-the-art battery life with lithium-based technology. Of course as gentle as always.

  • Dentle Gentle Tech™ – Hard on plaque, gentle on teeth and gums
  • State-of-the-art battery life with lithium-based technology
  • Choose the speed that suits your needs: 7,000, 8,500 or 10,000 oscillations per minute


Hard on plaque, gentle on teeth and gums. As a start
Just like its predecessor, Dentle One Plus cleans your teeth in an effective yet gentle way. It removes plaque without unnecessary wear on enamel or gums, but Dentle One’s gentler ways doesn’t end there. Its handle is made of materials developed to minimize vibrations and noise. Its rounded, triangular shape and low weight makes it easy to grip and use. All in all, these are the characteristics that make up what we call Dentle Gentle Tech™.

State-of-the-art battery life with Lithium-based technology
Dentle One Plus introduces the performance of Lithium Ion batteries, but at a price tag reserved until now for Ni-Cd-powered units. This means one charge will last not days or weeks, but 1 full month when brushing twice a day, two minutes each time.

Easy to use and up to 10 000 oscillations per minute
Dentle One Plus is both very easy to use and versatile enough to fit your needs, regardless if you are an experienced or novice user. Just press the on/off-button to toggle between the 3 speed modes, from gentle 7 000 up to cutting edge 10 000 oscillations per minute. The brush vibrates after 30, 60 and 90 seconds to let you know when to brush on a new place and turns off automatically after the recommended two minutes of brushing.

Technical info


Upp till 10 000 gånger per minut


Låg (7000 oscilleringar), medium (8 500 oscilleringar) och hög (10 000 oscilleringar)


Stänger av borsten automatiskt efter två minuter


Efter 30, 60 och 90 sekunder


1 x ICR14500 800mAh Li-ion batteri. Räcker upp till 1 månad vid borstning 2 gånger per dag.


Bredd 30 mm, längd 222 mm


230 g (eltandborste och laddare)